hitta! LITE clubs (ages 3-5 and 5-7)

hitta! LITE clubs (ages 3-5 and 5-7)

Junior Products


Note: We only ship Short Golf products to the United States and Canada. 



  • Lofted plastic golf clubs used with t-mat! for all shots


Features and Benefits

These two smaller sizes feature the 25% lighter hitta! LITE head and thinner hitta! LITE grip to help our younger players develop the correct swing. There are 2 club sizes to be used with children of 39” and 47” heights. See Sizing Chart in the pictures.

  • We sell both right and left-handed golf clubs for children
  • Weighted head and flexible fiberglass shaft give feel of real golf
  • Used with t-mat! and teez!
  • Durable, shatterproof plastic head pinned and glued to the shaft
  • Cavity back and lofted face to get the ball easily into the air
  • Used for chip, pitch, and full shots
  • Training grip aids hand placement