The Swing Barrel

The Swing Barrel

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Hall of Fame golfer Percy Boomer is best remembered for his image of swinging inside a barrel to create the sensation of a proper turn.

"With this image foremost in a student’s mind, he can start making the proper turn, which will become memory to the body without having to remember many complex technical points."
- Percy Boomer

The Swing Barrel is a revolutionary new golf hip turn training aid designed to train a golfer’s hips to make the proper turn. It eliminates swaying and teaches you how to clear your hips on the downswing. In the golf world this is known as "the move".

The Swing Barrel was developed by amateur player Jeff Mazzone who was seeking to improve his own swing. "Through the years I developed a bad habit of sliding. I went to instructors, who stuck shafts in the ground, or put chairs in front of me. You can’t swing like that. I was reading about Percy Boomer and swinging inside the barrel and thought, 'How can I make a simulated barrel without having to stand in a barrel?' That’s where the idea came from."

The golfer places the Swing Barrel pads about "a fist width" from his hips, and the key is to make a turnwithout moving the pads as demonstrated in this video.

  • Full steel construction (not PVC)
  • FREE heavy duty carry bag (a $20 value!)
  • Sets up in a snap
  • Patented independently adjustable arms swing on contact to provide instant feedback
  • Arms adjust independently in width to accommodate golfers of every size, and in height to allow golfers to work on specific areas of their swing
  • Center line indicator ensures proper ball placement
  • Results are visible, measurable and dramatic

The Swing Barrel is one of the few products on the market today that promotes hip rotation. It brings the concept of swinging inside a barrel to reality and gives you instant feedback if you don't. This golf hip turn training aid is like having your own PGA swing coach with you for every shot!