Chiliwacker plane training tool by Eric Chiles

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Here are 8 great reasons to add the Chiliwacker to your practice routine.

  1. The Chiliwacker golf swing training aid is adjustable. One size fits all golf training aid for adults and junior golfers.
  2. Great for high or low handicapper. Bumpers adjust for all skill levels, from beginners to Tour players.
  3. Accommodates lefties too. Easily adjusts for right and left-handed players.
  4. Lightweight; only 4.5 lbs.  Includes an integrated carry bag with shoulder strap.
  5. Chiliwacker is strong. Aluminum tripod easily holds 100 pounds of weight!
  6. Superior engineering with custom molded high impact plastic brackets. Chiliwacker will not break!
  7. Protects your clubs. High-density foam yellow bumpers are easy on clubs and last.
  8. Portable. Easy to set up on the range, in the basement or in your backyard.

Watch how the Chiliwacker can improve your DISTANCE, CONSISTENCY, ACCURACY, and FEEL. Countless training aids promise this, but how many
can prove it? The videos show how the Chiliwacker works and how Trackman verifies the results.



More Chiliwacker info!

SIMPLIFY and SPEED up your improvement!

The Chiliwacker golf training aid was designed by Eric Chiles to help any golfer that is looking to recreate and repeat the proper mechanics of the golf swing. Proper mechanics lead to magical golf shots. The golf ball seems to shoot off the face faster than usual, feeling more like you hit a marshmallow than a rock. The sound is crisp and proper due to hitting the ball a fraction before the ground. Your golf swing feels smoother and lacks tension, but the golf ball reacts like a rocket. These are the golf shots that keep all of us coming back! The Chiliwacker will put your golf swing on REPEAT.

What’s the Inspiration for the Chiliwacker?

After teaching golf for 22 years, Eric Chiles has found a way to simplify the golf swing and allow his students to FEEL a proper golf swing and remember it FASTER than ever before. Using Trackman as a research tool, Eric Chiles teaches his students to solve the riddle of hitting good shots by pretending they are the golf ball.

Eric Chiles says “Back in high school I learned how to use Cliff Notes instead of reading entire books in English class. My teachers didn’t like it, but I got all of the answers fast and painlessly. I never understood how this was wrong! In my opinion, my students want the same thing when it comes to their golf swings. They don’t want to waste all kinds of time reading and researching the golf swing – they just want to know how to DO IT BETTER. The Chiliwacker shows them instantly and ’reminds them’ when they don’t swing properly.”

What does The Chiliwacker Focus On?

Do you have a SLICE? The Chiliwacker can fix this. Do you have a HOOK? The Chiliwacker can fix this. Do you hit the ground before the ball? The Chiliwacker can fix this!

The golf ball only cares and reacts to four things. It doesn’t care if your big toe is flared out, if you keep your left arm straight if you keep your head down or even how you hold the club. It cares and reacts to only these four things:

  1. The Face of your club at impact is responsible for the direction of your golf shot.
  2. The Path of your club head is what makes the ball curve. (Reread if you must. It’s a fact!)
  3. Catching the ball on the way down or up matters. It’s called Attack Angle.
  4. Did you hit the sweet-spot? Toe and heel hits with the driver causes the ball to tilt at impact causing more unnecessary curve.

When reviewing these factors it can be assumed that if you can control your path, you should be able to control the curvature of your golf ball.

After teaching with ESPN Golf Schools in the 2000’s, Eric Chiles learned about swing plane from one of the best teachers in the world – Hank Haney. Eric Chiles learned to understand that if the club attacks the ball on a “flatter plane” the club face will begin to close earlier on the downswing. This results in the FACE being improved simply by repairing the PATH. With most students, it takes a few attempts to find the sweet-spot, as having a new path confuses a golfer’s mind. The ChiliWacker will allow golfers of all abilities to see and feel the proper path that the golf club needs to follow. It’s that simple.

Why is The ChiliWacker “The Bomb Diggity”?

  1. It’s sturdy and solidly crafted and includes a high quality Tri-Pod which adds adjustability in order to make this an all in one golf tool for men, women, and juniors over age 12.
  2. Chiliwacker can be adjusted from a very wide beginner level all the way down to millimeters of tolerance between your club and the bars. If you want to start simple, you can use just one of the arms as a path reference to start.
  3. Guys – your partner will love it! It’s simple and small and weighs in at 4.5 lbs. compared to other bulky and cumbersome swing plane training aids that take up a lot of space. It also Includes a sleek canvas carry bag – and can easily be broken down and placed in the trunk of your car.
  4. Designed with soft rubber feet or retractable metal spikes, The Chiliwacker is ready to be taken to the range or set up in your garage.
  5. It is designed to fit both right and left-handed golfers. Lefties get tired of never being invited to the party!
  6. Each model includes two specifically engineered, colored bumpers that are light enough to not damage your club when struck. (And they will be struck as you learn the proper path, hence the WACK sound that you are trying to avoid.) The bumpers are also sturdy enough to perform properly outdoors in high winds. 
  7. Use the sturdy tripod as a camera mount when not using your Chiliwacker. 
  8. Multiple uses! Obviously its primary use is to FIND, SEE and FEEL the slot that all the great players swing in every time. If one chooses, they can use for The Barrel Drill or Hip Against The Wall Drill as well.

The Chiliwacker is built to simplify and speed up the learning process for golfers of all ages and abilities. If you want to improve your ball striking, The Chiliwacker is for you!

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