Formed Grip - preformed Training Grip

Size/Color: Men's Right Handed
Sale price$14.00 CAD Regular price$17.00 CAD

Preformed golf training grips affix permanently on a club or dowel to train a player how to place the hands on the club. Golf club grip aids are available in Men's right and left-handed only. They are 'traditional' type preformed grips for medium sized adult hands. 

In order to use your preformed grip, you can either hold it 'as is', but it is better if you put it on a wooden dowel or get a used club to put it on. You will need to remove the old grip (razor it and peel it off) then put the preformed grip on the shaft where the old standard grip was. The GolfWorks sells personal gripping kits or take it to your local pro or club fitter and they can install it for you.

Below, Dr. Gary Wiren talks about the importance of grip by using a preformed training grip installed on a club.


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