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What Is The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer?

The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is the first golf training tool to combine golf fitness, cutting-edge warmup techniques and guided video content to maximize your flexibility and rotational power — at home, in the gym, or at the course.



Ignite your game with the same training tool and routines that over 40 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players use to play their best golf – including 2022 major champion, Scottie Scheffler, who used it during his meteoric rise to World No. 1! 

The dual-purpose GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer and accompanying app combine asymmetrical bar training and an optimized weighted warmup club with guided video instruction to help you gain flexibility, strength and clubhead speed. 

At Home

Use the flexibility and strength fitness tool by attaching the resistance cord and door anchor anywhere in your house — and follow along with the GOLFFOREVER app’s expertly-guided rotational power, speed and pre-round warmup drills. 

At the Course

Use the optimized weighted warmup club without the resistance cord by attaching one of two included weighted balls — one with a D3 Swing Weight that mimics the dynamic feel of your driver but 2.5x heavier, and an overloaded one to feel more head weight.

Stop wasting your time at the gym!
Your best golf starts with a tool designed specifically for golf fitness – one that guides you with routines from the game’s top doctors and trainers. The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is your compete at-home golf training system, and the ONLY golf-specific exercise and warmup tool you’ll ever need.


Why this product is different: 

Golf requires a strong, flexible body that won’t break down to play your best and avoid injury. Many golf training aids, especially speed training aids, force you into unnatural positions that can do more harm than good – and even hurt you. That’s why we’ve designed the first golf training tool that helps you safely improve three keys to gain distance and consistency: mobility, balance, and speed.

The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is also the first golf training aid to seamlessly integrate with the most sophisticated golf fitness app in existence, utilizing hundreds of customized, doctor-designed videos that teach you how to use your weighted Swing Trainer and build a golf-optimized, pain-free body so you can play without limits for as long as you want in life.

Includes: GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer + 30 Free days of GOLFFOREVER Training Program

  • Multi-use 44.5-inch training bar
  • Standard quick-interchange weighted ball (green) for warming up; 2.5x heavier than a driver; D3 Swing Weight
  • Heavier quick-interchange weighted ball (gray) for overloaded speed training
  • Durable, 15-pound Latex training cord with Nylon safety sleeve
  • Two power grade soft, sweat-resistant 15-inch rubber grips with five specialized training zone demarcations
  • Easy-to-attach, three-in-one training bar fitment for weighted balls and training cord
  • Two easy-to-attach polymer carabiners
  • Premium carry bag
  • Universal Nylon door anchor
  • Free 30 day Subscription to GOLFFOREVER

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