Klockit Golf & PerfectShot Training Tee Combo!

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Buy the fan favorite Klockit Golf & get a FREE PerfectShot Training Tee!

This week only!

Klockit Golf and PerfectShot Tee - the Perfect Combo to improve your ball striking!


PerfectShot Training Tee


  • true aim technology

  • focal point training

  • swing path feedback

  • putting practice anywhere

  • use with irons, driver, and for putting practice

The PerfectShot training tee is a great tool for all levels of golfers. It has an aiming arrow, a focal point, and an anchoring system for the range. It can also be used for putting practice.  This is a brand new product that was designed and has helped many golfers with their aim and focus. The tee is patent pending and made in the USA! You can buy a 3-pack of the PerfectShot Tee by clicking here.

It is the perfect product to use with the Striker3000 because you can hit from the same place each and every time. Max reps and max improvement!


About Klockit Golf 


Perfect for Training Anytime, Anywhere

Add a KlockitGolf to your golf bag, and keep one at home. Give yourself time to practice no matter the location or event.


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