Michael Breed Birdie Path by Big Moss

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Michael Breed Birdie Path by Big Moss: True Practice ™

The Birdie Path MB is a training green we designed with Michael Breed to help build a repeatable & accurate putting stroke that is reliable under pressure. Colored lines have been integrated into the surface to aid set up, face angle, swing path, tempo, & targeting skills.


  • Ultra High Quality 100% Nylon putting surface
  • Path & Cross help monitor the putter’s path & face angle
  • Target center, left edge, or right edge of cup using colored ball path lines
  • Improve tempo & stroke length using target dots
  • String Drill Included :  Monitor ball path & target lines for both straight and breaking putts
  • Use String Drill & Colored Target lines to make sure your eyes are always directly over the ball. Adjust your posture & set up accordingly
  • Chipping Mat Included : All Big Moss™ Greens are intended to be chipped on!
  • Small foot print: 2′ W x 8′ L
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 8 in
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