Golf Swing Plane Aid by Sheftic Golf

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The Basic Plane Trainer is a portable, easy to use, golf swing plane trainer that adapts to players of all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, DELIVERS RESULTS.

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Get on plane and stay on plane NOW with The Plane Trainer Basic!

  • Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Delivers Results
  • Improves downswing and through swing
  • Keeps you into posture throughout the whole swing

The Basic Plane Trainer puts the golfer on the correct downswing plane and keeps him there to the finish of the swing. As Ted says:
"Once a golfer starts the downswing properly on plane to the target, his swing will tend naturally to stay on plane through impact and into the finish. The Basic Trainer II gives perfect feedback from downswing to finish."

Practice your basic golf swing with the Plane Trainer II and groove the muscle memory and feedback to create the proper downswing plane. A DVD instructional video is included.


( Box = 7 lbs.  Box measures: 31" x 7.5" x 11.25" )

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