Sure-Set Savings Pack

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Sure-Set Savings Pack includes: Sure-Set, Sure-Chip and Sure-Speed

Master every aspect of your game with a fantastic new Sure-Set combo bundle, presented by renowned instructor Dan Frost. 


In this bundle, you will receive the following items:


Master the art of chipping and wedge control with the help of the Sure-Chip training aid.  The dual-colored ball is a highly effective visual tool for learning. It acts as a guide to teach you the correct rotation and release of the club.  Simply rotate open to yellow and closed to red matching your body pivot. This will increase effective bounce and eliminate digging.  (click the Sure-Chip name for additional information)



The genius of the Sure-Speed golf swing speed tool is the auditory feedback: the louder the whipping noise you make as you swing the Sure-Speed flag, the more speed you’ll generate. The flag provides a moderate amount of resistance right as the hands move through impact and provides a strong auditory reference to the player.

Most critically, it’s the timing of the noise from the golf swing speed tool that’s the secret. Delay the swoosh until right on impact and you’ll boost club head speed and ball speed, guaranteeing power.  You'll feel the burst of power on every swing and that dramatic whoosh will translate into pure power for every full shot you hit.  (click the Sure-Speed name for additional information)



The product that started it all.  The Sure-Set is the training wheels for your golf swing. It will allow you to experience how your swing should feel and quickly install improvement.  Through repetition you will create a lasting change, unlocking your true potential. This golf swing trainer club is a simple, effective, feel-based training solution for your swing! 

In just a few repetitions you’ll learn the vital blend of wrist hinge, forearm rotation and shoulder turn – the key ingredients of a powerful swing. It will also dramatically improve the sequence of your downswing, allowing the stored power you’ve created to be maximized!   (click the Sure-Set name for additional information)


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