Swing Jacket - Ultimate Swing Teacher

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The patented Swing Jacket is the only golf swing tool that physically guides you through the golf swing — perfectly.

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Better Swing = Much Better Golf

How the Swing Jacket Works

Arm cuffs on your biceps slide along patented rails. As the image below illustrates the Swing Jacket keeps your swing connected and on-plane from backswing to finish.

The Swing Jacket golf swing teacher allows you to FEEL how a connected, one plane swing actually feels. No more thinking about how you’re going to improve your swing. It does all the thinking for you.


Why the Swing Jacket Works

Every major swing flaw is caused by your body trying to reroute your club when it gets out of position. Swing flaws like over-the-top, casting, chicken wings etc. are all examples of the clever ways golfer’s bodies attempt to reroute the club when a swing gets out of position. They are not the problem itself but symptoms of a weakness in your fundamentals.

The golf Swing Jacket automatically connects your arms to the rotation of your torso and keeps your swing on a consistent swing plane. With a couple of swings your body recognizes there’s no longer a need to reroute the club. Your natural athleticism will focus on maximizing performance.

The Science Behind the Invention

It took 2.5 years to finalize the design of the Swing Jacket golf training aid. The company retained the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) to study the swings of the best ball strikers to understand the core fundamentals that define an efficient motion. In the end they spent just under $1 M to bring the product to market.

Their analysis revealed that two core fundamentals are critical to your success as a golfer:

Swing Plane: by remaining on a consistent swing plane you motion is simpler and easier to repeat consistently;

Connected: when your arms stay in sync with the rotation of the torso you harness the power of the big muscles at your core

Distance, accuracy and consistency improve when you have a more effective motion. Repeat that motion consistently and you’ll drive it deeper and deeper into muscle memory.

The Swing Jacket golf swing teacher makes it easy to improve your swing because it does all the ‘work’ for you. You’ll feel the difference and see the results within a couple of swings. And you’ll continue to improve each time you use it as you refine your motion and gain greater consistency.

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Telephone support from the Swing Jacket Staff

Golf Tips Segment 2 from Swing Jacket on Vimeo.

Swing Jacket Training Aid - Golf's Swing Jacket Training Aid from Swing Jacket on Vimeo.

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