Tac-Tic Elbow

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The Tac-Tic elbow golf swing tempo trainer was designed to give the same type of feedback to a player who breaks down at the elbow. When you watch the more powerful and consistent players on tour, it is evident that they keep their lead arm fully extended during the backswing and throughout the impact position. Simply put, the wider the arc of the arm swing, the more power generated through the clubhead. Many players have tried to keep their lead arm extended during their swing, but fail because they cannot feel the arc, unaware of a break down at the elbow. When a player swings with the ELBOW Tac-Tic on the lead arm, they are made aware of a break down in the elbow by the sound of a "click". By practicing with the Tac-Tic elbow golf swing tempo trainer, a player is given the feedback necessary to help them keep their lead arm extended. Another very useful application of the Tac-Tic elbow golf swing tempo trainer is to use it on the right arm. Many players misunderstand the proper position of the right arm throughout the golf swing. Many golfers actually try to keep their right arm close to the body during the backswing, narrowing their swing arc end, limiting their power, distance and accuracy. The right arm should extend away from the body, beginning the bend midway back then reaching a right angle at the top of the backswing. With the ELBOW Tac-Tic on the right arm, a player should hear the click just after the midway back point, reaching the top of the backswing. The ELBOW Tac-Tic swing tempo golf training aid used on either arm will educate a player as to what an extended arm feels like thus enabling the player to achieve a more powerful and consistent golf swing.

Tac-Tic Elbow educates the arms:

  • Works fast. You feel and hear it instantly.
  • Fits all. Left or right arm, large or small.
  • Increases swing arc width for more POWER, ACCURACY and DISTANCE.
  • Corrects LEAD ARM BREAK, the most common problem with your swing arm.
  • Keeps lead arm fully EXTENDED increasing the width of your swing arc.
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