Tac-Tic Wrist

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It's been written and said by all the great teachers and players that the "moment of truth" in golf is at "impact". Great players all look slightly different from each other, when they swing the club, but at impact they look incredibly similar to one another. At impact, their lead wrist is flat, allowing them to deliver the clubhead squarely and powerfully with a great deal of consistency.

Impact is where better players and less accomplished players can look very different from each other. Often less accomplished players break down at impact, cupping their lead wrist, losing power early and decreasing their accuracy. When a player releases the club properly through impact while wearing the Tac-Tic Golf Wrist Clicker, there is no "click". The Tac-Tic "clicks" when a player breaks down, by cupping their lead wrist at impact.

The greatest advantage in using the Tac-Tic golf wrist aid is its application is not limited to impact during the full swing - it is also ideal for practicing putting, chipping and pitching.

THE WRIST TAC-TIC Educates the Hands

Fast and Effective Results: Improve your golf game quickly
  • Feel and hear the Tac-Tic flat lead wrist golf trainer "click" when wrist is in the wrong position!
  • Longer, straighter drives
  • More consistent chipping and pitching
  • Monitors address position & grip tension
  • Develop lock-wrist putting U
  • ser-friendly . . . for beginners or advanced
  • Fits right or left hand, large and small
  • Reduce your handicap
  • Works with every club in bag
  • Includes new Training Video with TAC-TIC Tips from: Mancil Davis - PGA's Hole in One Leader, Wally Goodwin - Golf Coach to Tiger Woods & Stanford University and Ben Doyle - Top 50 PGA Instructor
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