The Perfect Roll Combo - Perfect Roll Golf Balls (2-Pack) & Perfect Roll Putting Mirror

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Perfect Roll Mirror

Compact, low-profile putting mirror has all the basics to improve your putting. Our mirror is just 1/8” thick meaning your putter head and stroke aren’t elevated as with some other mirrors. The Perfect Roll Mirror measures 6” wide x 12” long so it will fit in your golf bag so you can practice at home or where you play. The beveled entry port makes it easy to roll a ball to the same fixed location every time. Develop sound setup and stroke mechanics that have you draining putt after putt.


The Perfect Roll Mirror includes tee holes for securing the mirror to the putting green if desired or can be used as stroke guides for putters with a 5 ½” head or smaller. White and green lines provide additional feedback on the stroke path and the squareness of your putter face and compliment the TrueSquare™ slots through the impact zone. Both the low-profile design and portability make this functional training mirror a perfect practice tool.


Perfect Roll Balls

Want to get your ball started down your target line? Look no further than our 2-pack of striped Perfect Roll Balls. The lines on the ball will aid in allowing you to see the intended line you want to roll the ball on. As you set the ball down, the white line in the center keeps citing your Aimpoint visually simple and the logos on either side of the ball help you see if your eyes are over the ball or slightly inside. If you see equal slivers of the GTA logo, your eyes are over the ball. Get the ball rolling end over end to the stripes on the ball are steady as a rock. Any wobble of the lines indicates an error in stroke path or face orientation at impact. In a few short sessions, you will have fine-tuned your aim and your stroke, enabling you to putt with confidence on the course.

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