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Wizard Products!!

Wizard Golf™

Great Golf. Simplified.

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Introducing Wizard Golf

Wizard Golf is a diversified game improvement company with a simple approach: Great Golf. Simplified.

  • Swing Wizzard
  • Wizard Putting System
  • Wizard Target Master
  • Chip Wizard

Great Golf. Simplified.

Dedicated to providing only the most beneficial and comprehensive training tools used by PGA instructors, pros, and beginners with immediate results, Wizard Golf™ products address the full swing, short game and putting providing fast results - period!

Official Licensed Product of PGA TOUR

Testimonials of our Magic.

I like to take it to the range and when I hit a couple of bad shots, I take it out and swing it a few times, feel the correct positions, then get right back to hitting.

-Peter Yoadjarust

Jeff: If Ben Hogan were to see this tool, he would say ‘Wow, this is what I was trying to say.’ Leah: I felt the swing plane and it evened out my vertical swing. I hit the ball perfectly.

-Jeff & Leah Donnelly

Key Features:

  • Practice Pitching, Chipping and Putting.
  • Three Practice Aids.
  • Improves Focus.
  • Perfects Your Stroke.
  • New Concept for the Putt Line.
  • Convenient Carrying Case.

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