Putting Aids


Watch how easy it is to start using the 5Footer.

Get the ball rolling right where you want while using this highly visible template.

Make those testy 5 footers with confidence!

The 5Footer rolls out quickly and easily to give you a runway to the hole and includes a sturdy carry tube to keep your purchase protected.

The perfect putting tool for practicing at your office! 

The 5Footer may also be used for breaking putts or to get a feel for committing to an aim line on longer putts.

The 5Footer makes putting practice effective and fun!

The 5Footer is made out of a durable weather-proof vinyl. (The perfect weight to lay on the green.)

The center channel is 4.25" wide, the exact width of the cup. The legs are 2.125" wide, exactly half the width of the cup. The complete device is approximately 5' 6". long

The 5Footer is perfect for any distance. Just turn it around and putt out the backside.