Accu-Roll putting trainer by Ted Sheftic

Accu-Roll putting trainer by Ted Sheftic

Putting Aids


Developed by Top 100 Pro Ted Sheftic, the Accu-Roll putter attachment is one of the simplest putting alignment devices ever made. Affix the Accu-Roll to the face of your putter (double-sided tape provided) and it’s like having a caddy lining up every putt.

The second benefit of using the Accu-Roll is that it works on improving your stroke. By placing the ball inside the triangle of the putter attachment, you will get immediate feedback on your strokepath. The ball will only be released straight towards the target if your putting is traveling on the target line at impact.

We recommend using the Accu-Roll for practicing putts 10’ and in. Within a few minutes you will be able to accurately see the line and get the ball rolling to the target.