AirGolf Flyer Ball

AirGolf Flyer Ball

Short Game Aids


The WallyMade Golf AirGolf Flyer Ball is the ultimate training aid to gain the 'FEELINGS' of how to swing a golf club properly, in a “Circle”. No matter what your skill level is, you will have fun and improve your game with my AirGolf Flyer.

A great way to teach anyone how to swing and sling vs. lift and hit. Pair with hula hoops or 5-gallon buckets as targets.

Start players of by throwing the balls, then making small turns, then making larger turns with the ball fully extended. (Note: The ribbon should be the length of your arm from wrist to armpit for proper arc length.) You can re-tie the ribbons to make the length shorter if desired.

AirGolf Flyer Ball is a great way to teach the basic principles of swinging an object before they even touch a golf club. Lots of fun and may be used indoors or outdoors, right or left-handed.