Alignment Pro Double-Hinge Rod

Alignment Pro Double-Hinge Rod

Alignment Aid

$14.99 - $79.99

Alignment Pro Double-Hinge Rod with Solo Stick

Every other alignment stick on the market is exactly the same:  they lay on the ground!  This limits what can be done.  By raising the golf alignment aid above the ground, you're able to improve the typical methods of alignment.  You're also able to use training methods that aren't possible with other earthbound sticks.

Alignment Pro - 3D alignment rods

Train in the 3rd Dimension

Because the Alignment Pro golf training aid is elevated, you're able to putt with the ball directly under the stick. This allows you to match the guide on the putter with the Alignment Pro as you putt. This also helps you know if your head is correctly above the ball.

Because the Alignment Pro golf training aid is elevated, it's in a position to touch your club if your backswing is at the wrong angle..


Instant Feedback

Learn what it feels like to hit the "Sweet Spot"

By matching the guideline on the putter with the Alignment Pro golf training aid, you'll know instantly if your putter is aligned properly toward the target. This golf alignment tool is the only tool of it's kind that, since the stick is ABOVE the ball, you're able to perfectly align the club and ball while putting. By practicing this way, your ability to putt straight every time will quickly increase. Also, by using the markings on the Alignment Pro, you'll become more aware of how far back you should bring the club in your putting backswing. This will dramatically improve your feel for distance on the putting green.

The Alignment Pro helped me to be more consistent with lining up my Putts on the putting green. It is a Mulit-functional Golf Training Aid that can help with all facets of your game.   -  Zac Blair

Alignment Pro Golf Training Aid - Orange Black Color -BLACK AND ORANGE LEATHER HEADCOVER INCLUDED




The models shown in the videos feature the Dual-Hinge model but if you don't need the 2 hinges, you can order the Single-Hinge model. For example, if you just wanted a simple swing plane device, you could order a single and put a swim noodle over it and you're good to go!

Please be sure to select Single, Double when checking out. The carry sleeve also is sold à-la-carte so if you want a protective sleeve, they are available at an additional cost.