Azimuth Putting System

Azimuth Putting System

Putting Aids


The Azimuth Golf System is well packaged and comes with a professionally produced instructional DVD. Like many training aids this is probably a polished version of something you once thought of but never made. The Azimuth is used in three distinct ways:

  1. Putting: A component of the system is the patented (The) Putting LaneTM. The idea is to place The Putting Lane about a foot away from your ball, right on your aim-line and putt through it. Even on breaking putts you are still committing to a definite line. It will be important to explain the difference between the aim-line and the apex of the break and The Putting Lane may be used for just such a lesson. A spirit level is included.
  2. Chipping: One of the things I like best about this product is it makes you think your approach shots out. The set of 4 discs that come with the Azimuth can be used for intermediary targets and alignment aids. Learning where to land the ball on a pitch or chip shot will help you visualize and plan shots more effectively.
  3. Full Swing: Similar to checking swing positions in a mirror, the discs may be placed in a box configuration to check initial takeaway position, 9 o'clock position, swing plane during transition and pre- and post-impact positions.

Use the Azimuth System to improve focus and make your practice sessions more productive!