Balance Balls by GolfGym

Balance Balls by GolfGym

Fitness and Distance

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Normally $35. Very versatile!

The GolfGym Balance Ball is a proven, time-tested fitness tool designed to help any golfer improve core strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. The Golf Balance Ball package consists of a 55cm or 65cm, two-ply, non-burst, high-quality Balance Ball, a Quick Start DVD, Quick Start User Manual, and portable air pump.

55cm and 65cm Balance Balls available.
If you are 5' 7" or under get the blue 55cm ball. If you are 5' 8" or taller get the larger orange 65cm ball.

These Golf Exercise Balls are being used in the Fitness Trailers of the PGA, Nationwide and the Champions Tours. Other than the videos listed below you can check YouTube for using 'Swiss Balls' or the Balance Ball specifically.


  • Improves flexibility and strength
  • Increases core conditioning
  • Enhances posture
  • Improves balance