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James "Coach" Robertson has been testing Birdiemax Performance Golf Glasses with his students and here are his comments:


For the Long Game

How Amber Viewing Strip in the BirdieMax Golf Glasses can benefit the golfer's long game.

All "successful" golf shot are comprised of a multitude of factors. In the long, or power, game, target selection and alignment are two of the more important factors. In the short game, the data shows most golfers missing their targets either long or short. For a variety of reasons in the power game, their misses tend to be left to right. With driver, and longer clubs, errant shots bring all types of trouble into play: hazards, out of bounds, etc. Very seldom do golfers putt, chip, or pitch a ball out of bounds.

In working with our golfers, the Amber Viewing Glasses have helped them in the power game in the following ways:

  1. By narrowing their focus behind the ball, the glasses help golfers make better target selections out in front of them. You will recall that golf is a target sport, so target selection is critical.
  2. Once golfers have selected a target and a target line (or ball flight line) back from the target, the glasses help them pick out and focus on an alignment spot along the target line. As they move into position over the ball, they find the glasses help them maintain focus on the alignment spot as well.
  3. As players move into position over the ball, the glasses help them correctly align two of the more important body parts to the target line, the eyes and the shoulders.
  4. By avoiding distractions, the glasses help golfers maintain visual focus and mental concentration through the swing and follow through.

For the Short Game

With my own work, and with students:

  1. We are finding the glasses work exceptionally well with long putts, chipping, and pitching because they force the golfer to read the target line more effectively and use the intermediate alignment spot in their set up. Again, the glasses certainly help players "read" putts, chipping, and pitching more effectively.
    A major mistake golfers make is continuing to "attempt" to align to a target that is over 20 feet to them on the greens and any chipping and pitching shot off the green. They will increase the accuracy of the long putts, and chipping and pitching, by as much as 50% with the effective use of an intermediate alignment spot.
  2. The glasses also help golfers focus on the shot at hand, thus avoiding distractions, much more effectively than we thought at first. Concentration is obviously key to their success.
  3. Once over long putts, chips, and pitches, the glasses force golfers to STOP lifting their heads straight up, and turning sideways to take a final look at the target. Golfers have a habit of opening their shoulders to the target line in the process and quite often never get their heads back to the original position. Their shoulders remain open as well and often their hips as well. The glasses facilitate golfers looking down at the ball, at the intermediate alignment spot, and then "rocking" their dominant eye forward along the target line to the target and then back to the ball. The rocking motion keeps the position of the body intact in relation to the target line.

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