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Boom your drives with the BOOMERANG!

The Boomerang is a perfect training aid to develop arm-body synchronization in your swing––the key to consistency. The unique feature of the Boomerang is that it is magnetized. On a full swing, when the Boomerang falls to the ground, simply place the head of your iron onto it and pull it up - simple and quick.

The Boomerang can be used on either arm depending on swing requirements. To ensure the backswing is compact with no lift of the arms (as in the A Swing), wedge the Boomerang right up into the armpit of the right arm. With half swings the Boomerang will remain under the arm; a full swing, it will fall out after contact with the ball is made. To encourage the left arm to stay connected to the chest on the backswing through impact, wedge the Boomerang up into the armpit of the left arm. On a full finish it will fall to the ground.

Links your arms and body together promoting better timing, accuracy, and distance.

Can be used under left or right arms. Easy to use and great for golfers of all ages and abilities.

Magnetized for easy retrieval.

Function: To keep the arms and the body synchronized during the swing.

Place the Boomerang up under the armpit of the right or left arm.
Under the right arm, the Boomerang keeps the backswing compact while still maintaining a full wind up of the upper body.
Under the left arm, the Boomerang encourages the arm to stay connected to the chest and encourages the upper body to rotate through towards the target.

If the magnetized Boomerang falls to the ground, simply pick it up with your club - as in a boomerang - it comes back to you!