Chip Stix

Chip Stix

Short Game Aids


Using Your Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid


• Eliminate Most Common Chip Shot Swing Faults

• Improve Your Short Game For Lower Scores

• Impart More Spin For Better Control

• Get Up and Down More

The Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid promotes a fundamentally sound approach to great chipping by eliminating the #1 cause of poorly struck chip shots… the clubhead leading the hands through impact. This leads to a “flipping” of the hands and improper body rotation through the shot causing thin or fat contact with the ball.

The Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Aid will help enforce the proper rotation and ensure a “hands-first” strike for more solid contact and better results!*


  1. Place the socket of the Callaway short game practice set over the grip end of the golf club.**
  2. Make a few practice swings with an imaginary ball by hinging your wrists during the takeaway and maintaining this hinge through impact (i.e. hands lead the clubhead).
  3. If the shaft of the Chip Stix makes contact with the front side of your body, you are not rotating your upper body properly thru the impact area.
  4. Keep making practice swings until the upper body turns and the Chip Stix shaft does not make contact with your front side.
  5. Set up to a ball and chip to the target with the Chip Stix connected. You are on your way to a better short game and lower scores!
* Note: This product is not for finesse wedge shots. See "James Sieckmann" on YouTube for more.
** Note: adding a layer of tape can provide a tighter fit for smaller club grips