ChipIt Rite

ChipIt Rite

Short Game Aids

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The Chip It Rite is an ingenious new chipping brace with an adjustable ring! Learn to eliminate the dreaded flip when you chip.

Beginners should use the brace dialed out so the unit is in contact with the trailing wrist. This will stabilize the hands and wrists and give the player a feel for chipping with the hands ahead. More advanced players will want to retract the brace so it barely contacts the wrist at setup and will NOT contact the wrist at impact unless they have forced the shot with the right hand.

The purpose of the Chip It Rite chipping brace is to teach the player how to hit crisp shots with good contact without scooping or using the hands and wrist to control the club.

  • For right-handed players only
  • Eliminate common chipping errors that plague many golfers
  • Develop excellent chipping techniques and skills in minutes
  • Fully adjustable
  • Simple to use
  • Easily attaches to all clubs
  • Dimples provide maximum comfort
  • Tough durable plastic flexes onto club shaft
  • Thumb placement hole for a proper grip