Cradlz S3

Cradlz S3



Clips to a stick or wraps using the tripod!

The CRADLZ line of products are by far some of the simplest inventions that give you the ability to use your smartphone to record your activity from a stable position without the need for someone to hold your phone. No need to bring out the large camera equipment to record simple activities when your phone has the ability to do it for you. The Cradlz holsters are fully adjustable to different widths to handle even the largest of the smartphones.

The New S3 Universal Smartphone Holster is designed to hold any smartphone just like our first generation smartphone holsters. The New S3 also comes with an improved flexible tripod to allow it to be placed in virtually any position and angle (vertical, horizontal, or even upside down). Includes tripod and small mesh bag case for storage.

Note from Dane: I use this on my iPhone 6+ with an Otterbox case and it fits. It's snug but just big enough so Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, Note users, iPhone users - you're all covered. This is a must have item for any golfer and a great gift!