DIY Elevated Aim Line - SET OF 2

DIY Elevated Aim Line - SET OF 2

Putting Aids


Price is per skewer.

The perfect high-quality chrome plated steel skewer for creating your own elevated aimline. Unlike shish kabob skewers with a flat side, these have a nice heft to them and won't bow when you pull the string tight.

The stakes are 6-inches high and about 3/16" diameter with a sharpened tip for easy insertion into the green. The only need to be inserted 1 to 2" into the green so you have about 4" clearance between the green and the string.

Consider a configuration where you have a long string that indicates the ball-hole line and then a second pair that indicates the aimline.

Create different sets with different colored string for distance control drills. One set is 10', another 20', another color 30', etc. There are many ways to use these so have fun and be creative.