drainM - Drain-M perfectly square training aid

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Golf Pros will tell you, most putts are missed because the club face is not square. Square your club face and you'll make more putts. It's easy to say - not so easy to do!

drainM gives you a reference point to know when your club face is square. It trains your eyes and mind to build a strong muscle memory, enabling you to square your club face on the sweet spot.

With drainM, you'll make more putts!


How It Works

Without question, for a ball to roll straight it must be hit with a square club face. drainM trains your eyes and mind to develop a strong muscle memory to know when the club face is square and on the sweet spot.

With drainM, you’ll make more putts…guaranteed!

  • Squares Club Face
  • Identifies Sweet Spot
  • Pocket Size
  • Five Alignment Checks
  • Great Branded Tournament Gift Item!
  • Multiple Swing Gates
  • Identifies Ball Position
  • Reduces Head Movement


“One of the best devices I’ve ever seen to teach the Sweet Spot and Face Alignment.”

John Means
Hall Of Fame College Coach

“I enjoy playing golf, but it’s no fun if you can’t hit the ball straight. drainM has improved my game, and I’m sure it will do the same for you.”

Tommy Kramer
Former Minnesota Vikings Quarterback &
Avid Golfer


More drainM videos. The Five Fundamental Checks:


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