eGolfRing set - WHITE 18", 3', 6', 12' with carry bag

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The WHITE eGolfRing set features the following sizes:  18-inch, 3-foot, 6-foot, 12-foot. Notice that the rings double in size each time. This configuration would be recommended for the average golfer, where the 18-inch ring is used as a landing target to get the ball to roll into the 3, 6, or 12-foot rings. Your scoring challenge might be 10-points if the ball goes in the hole, 5 points inside the 3-foot ring, 3-points inside the 6-foot ring and one point inside the 12-foot ring. The WHITE eGolfRing set comes with a large green nylon carry bag. 

  • 18-inch ring (1.5-feet) The original landing zone target. Great for intermediate level players or short chip shots with kids when used as a landing zone target. These are also good for lag putting drills as a large 'hole' to putt into, or place it so the edge of the ring touches the front of the cup on faster greens as a 'good miss' zone.
  • 3-foot ring. Part of the white eGolfRing set, this would be the small inner ring if you are using white rings. 
  • 6-foot ring. This is the magic ring size and a must have for practicing chip and pitch shots. The eGolfRings started with the idea that if you can get your ball inside a 6' ring, that leaves you 3' or less for your putt, which statistically most players can make. Whatever you choose, this is one ring size you don't want to miss.
  • 12-foot ring. The largest ring we offer, the 12-foot ring can be considered the 1-point zone for skills challenges. Not great, but still worth a point and close enough you can still save par.
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