Ever Square

Ever Square

Putting Aids


If its not square its not there...

Sets the ball square to the putter for a straight putt

Improves grip, stance and line at address

Great for any level


A golf hole is 4.25 inches wide. If your putter is not square to the hole before you putt, your margin for error increases. If you push or pull the ball, it increases your margin for error, turning 4.25 inches into 2.125 inches… or less. Also, the further you get from the hole, the more off target your putt will be. Ever Square helps you set your grip and stance square to the hole. Your grip and stance are just as important as line and speed. Ever Square helps train your eye to line the putt up straighter, while helping your grip square the putter. This training aid is the closest you will get to a real putt - nothing attaches to the club or ball. The first 2-3 inches help you start out on line, then following through the front of the device keeps you on line.

Fewer putts mean better scores. Imagine if you could knock 2-6 strokes off your handicap.

"Putts are made or missed in the first few inches. So when you improve your ability
to get the ball started on line, you will make more putts. That's what the Ever Square does. I have students who love the Ever Square because it helps them make more putts. The more you use it the better you get. Great for practice and before you play."

Sean Parees
TSPGA Golf Pro of the Year 1997


Aim the front of the device towards the hole or target. You can use the plum of your putter as well. Set the putter face flush to the back of the device then set your grip and stance. If you keep the putter in this position when you hit the ball the putt will be straight. Practice your stroke making sure you follow through the slot in the middle. Move the device back a few feet or so till you practice from 3 to 12 feet. It helps you putt straight with shorter putts. The more you repeat this the better you get. Putting is 54% to 57% of a round of golf. Get ready to drop those scores.

The device comes with 2 holes to anchor to a green. It fits 7/16 diameter tees. Pick a flat part of the green. Set one tee into one of the holes. Rotate the product till it's straight. Set the other tee to anchor it to the green. For carpet/indoor putting use double sided tape.

This device can also be used to square other clubs to the target while practicing. Ever Square is not to be used to hit the ball with any club other than the putter. It can be used as a reference point and a marker for direction with other clubs. This improves your grip and stance at address as well as a position to fade or draw the ball.