Eye it up

Eye it up

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A new ball marking template that not only gives you a clear reference for putter face alignment, it also shows if your eyes are over the ball or not. Includes a pen that marks clear, bold lines.

In a perfect setup the eyes should be directly over the aim line making the line appear 'true' vs. it shifting due to parallax. It you want to see this effect in action get set up over a ball in your normal putting address position and then rotate your head. Next move your head inside or outside the aim line and notice the target shift in your peripheral vision.

It is very important to note that the ability to get your eyes on the target line often is influenced by whether you are properly fit for your putters length and lie angle. Although you want your eyes along the aim line, it is not enough to do this alone... but it's a good start!

Eye It Up is unlike anything else on the market! Click the alternate images to see an example of a view of the ball with the eyes setup slightly inside the aim line.