Eyes Over the Ball

Eyes Over the Ball

Putting Aids


The Eyes Over the Ball system evaluates and corrects your putting stance. As you improve your stance, you improve your stroke and as you improve your stroke, your score.

How to evealuate your putting stance

Proper putting stance is crucial to maintaining and even, smooth stroke. The Eyes Over the Ball putting stance indicator gives you the best view of the line of putt, making it easier to evaluate distance and direction.

Most golfers stand too far from the ball while putting.

The toe of the putter is usually elevated, resulting in the stroke following a big arc.

Typically, you think your eyes are directly over the ball, but the putter head is rarely parallel to the putting surface, as it should be.

The secret of an effective, consistent putting stroke is to simplify the process, resulting in a smooth, pendulum-like stroke.

It's easy to accomplish if your eyes are directly over the ball.

Use EOB on a practice green, the backyard or even in your home or office. All you need is a putter - you don't even need a ball. EOB helps position arms, eyes and hands correctly while it teaches you proper shoulder movement through your stroke.