Face Aimer or Face Aimer XT magnetic pointer

TITLE: Face Aimer Standard Magnetic Pointer
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Note: We have two versions of this product. The traditional yellow and black Face Aimer has a fixed yellow fiberglass rod with black base and black tip. The new XT extendable model has a blue base and tip with a metal rod that extends from 4" to 8". Both have an overall length of 10.25". 


Many players do not understand why a ball does not go towards their intended target when they are playing from an uneven lie with the ball above or below the feet.

To indicate the change in face angle when elevating or lowering the lie, attach the Face Aimer magnetic alignment tool to the face of a lofted iron. Compare it to the direction the pointer faces when the sole is flat on the ground in a horizontal plane as opposed to being tilted forward or back. The visual demonstration that this magnetic golf club face alignment tool gives you is quite revealing.

The simplest solution to correct for the golf club alignment is to aim either more right or left to allow for the change in the face angle when encountering one of these conditions. Stated another way you would angle your body alignment right or left until the Face Aimer points at the target. The more severe the slope and more lofted the club, the more you will have to adjust your aim.

Three simple ways to use the Face Aimer are:

  1. To check face position: Is the face open, closed, or square at address?
  2. To demonstrate the effect a side hill lie has on clubface alignment.
  3. For club fitting: What happens when a nine iron is too flat, or a five iron too upright?

The Face Aimer is magnetic so will work with most irons but may not work on many allow or composite drivers or putters. This magnetic golf club face alignment tool primarily designed for use with irons.

The magnet on both versions are SUPER strong!

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