Flatball discs (pack of 6)

Flatball discs (pack of 6)

Short Game Aids

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What is Flatball?

The Flatball is a soft flexible thermoplastic rubber indoor practice golf ball that encourages players to hit down and through the shot. If you lift, pick or 'top' the ball the Flatball golf disc won't go anywhere (hitting off a range mat) but if you have good descent through the shot the Flatball will go flying!

Great for practice anywhere. Improves your impact position and contact with the ball. Great for practice out of the bunker. Also may be used as an on green target or visual guide for breaking putts.

How it works:

A regular golf ball is 1.625" in diameter so your club can go anywhere in that range and you'll still hit the ball. The Flatball indoor practice golf ball is only .25" high so your clubhead must be close to the ground in order to get a good result. This eliminates hitting the ball 'thin'.
If your club happens to strike the ground too much before the ball the club will usually skip right over the Flatball indicating you have hit a 'fat' shot. Learn to strike down just before the Flatball and you'll hit your shots crisp every time.
  • When you get good at hitting the Flatball you'll never hit a reall ball "fat" or "thin" again.
  • Soft flexible material allows you to practice indoors without worrying about damage to walls or furniture.
  • The Flatball is great for full swing or short game practice indoors or out!

Each pack includes 6 Flatballs.