FLYT Golf - Triple Threat Bundle

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Save big on these three fantastic golf training aids from FLYT Golf!

Plane Strap

The FLYT Plane Strap is designed to help golfers who struggle with a 'flying elbow' or 'chicken wing' in the trail arm at the top of the backswing. The simple, unique design of the Plane Strap uses elastic resistance around the trail bicep and across the chest to keep the elbow tight to the body at the top of the backswing. This allows the golfer to get into a strong position or 'the slot' at the top of their back swing, making for an easy transition of power to start the downswing.

Designed by Tommy Brannen, Director of Golf at Augusta Country Club, and inventor of the FLYT Swing Extender, the Plane Strap is intended for golfers of all skill levels, age, gender and sizes. The Plane Strap is a one size fits all product thanks to the various sizing loops and works equally well on a five year old all the way up to a fully grown adult.

How to use your FLYT Plane Strap

  1. Open up the large loop of your Plane Strap
  2. Put your trail arm through the loop and over your shoulder (right shoulder for the right handed golfer)
  3. Bring the strap around your back to the opposite side of your body
  4. Pull the strap across your body just below your chest, placing your trail arm through the desired sizing loop
  5. Place the strap over the bicep on your trail arm just above the elbow
  6. Take your setup and swing away!

Chipping Sleeve

Use the FLYT Sleeve 10-30 minutes a day, 2 times per week in the office, at home, or at the course to drastically improve your technique. Ultimately lowering your scores.

Developed by a former touring professional, the patent-pending FLYT Sleeve was designed to provide the necessary resistance and feedback to reduce overactivity in your hands and arms, creating more consistency in your strike and trajectory. It trains golfers to control speed and power using their bodies for improved consistency and results. 

You can find all of the Golf Pros that endorse our sleeve below.

The FLYT Sleeve is designed for all aspects of the golf swing. For full swings it is best utilized on the front/lead arm (left arm for a right-handed golfer), keeping the arm straight in the backswing and reducing over-rotation of the clubhead through the impact zone. When chipping and pitching it is best utilized on the back/trail arm (right arm for a right-handed golfer) promoting the straight arm chipping and pitching technique to minimize the influence of the hands and arms, increasing swing width and using the bounce correctly for a shallow swing every time. During the putting stroke, our FLYT Sleeve can be worn on either arm to reduce movement in the right or left hand throughout the putting stroke to achieve the desired result and reduce movement. You can find some of the Golf Pros who endorse our product below.


How To Wear Your Chipping Sleeve Correctly:

  1. Pull Chipping Sleeve on to arm (Right arm for right-handers and left arm for left-handers).
  2. Fingers should protrude from openings at the bottom.
  3. Top of Chipping Sleeve should be halfway up bicep with top velcro strap just below the elbow, bottom velcro strap just above the wrist.
  4. Align insert on the back of hand approximately one inch up from knuckles.
  5. Insert should run from the back of the hand up outside of the forearm between the inner and outer elbow.
  6. Fasten Velcro straps to hold the insert in place.
  7. Elevate Your Game.

Swing Extender

Improper position in the backswing is one of the most common flaws in the golf swing, and one of the most difficult to correct without a teaching aid like the Swing Extender. Designed and produced by PGA Professional Tommy Brannen, the Swing Extender golf swing trainer limits the amount the player can bend his or her arm to 90 degrees.

By limiting the bend in your right arm to 90 degrees at the top of the swing, the Swing Extender creates a straighter left arm (for RH players), a better shoulder turn, a wider swing arc & greater shot control. It is truly amazing that with less effort but the better mechanics of a full extension golf swing, it is possible to drive the ball longer & straighter.

The Swing Extender golf swing trainer may be worn right or left-handed by golfers of all ages, sizes & skill levels. The product secures to the bicep with a single hook and loop strap making it easy to put on and take off and because it is light weight and contoured, it doesn't feel mechanical at all. An extremely effective product for adding power and consistency to your swing!


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