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If you've never thought about how important stats are to golf, GAME GOLF will show you just how important they can be. This high tech device will reveal exactly how far you hit each club, where, and under what conditions you hit the shot. It's a very exciting breakthrough for avid amateur golfers that will help them shave strokes the first few rounds they use it!


Playing golf should be exactly that—playing. With GAME GOLF, game tracking happens in the background, so you can focus on playing instead of note-taking. All you have to do is power up, put on the device, and play your game. Install the unique tags into each of your clubs and simply tag each club to the device before you take your shot. That’s it. GAME GOLF logs what club you use and where on the course you use it. By combining these observations, your game is visualized like never before.


GAME YOUR GAME. Golf is no longer just a memory and a scorecard. Now it's a living, breathing chronicle of your game. Everything you do on the course is recorded and presented in an all-in-one online system to help you better see, understand and show off your skills. With GAME GOLF, you don't just leave everything you've got on the course—it comes with you afterwards so you can see in detail how you did and where you can do better.


GAME YOUR GAME. Each and every game you play becomes a showcase you can share with anyone you choose. From that huge drive on hole 14 to your average stats over time, your golf game is no longer limited to the people you played with. Your progress and accomplishments can be shared with your friends and family—as well as a whole new community on the GAME platform—for fun, or for bragging rights.


If practice makes progress, informed practice makes perfect. Now, so much more than basic stats are recorded. Mathematical trends over time in all statistical areas are carefully calculated and presented in ways that can educate, not just illustrate. Your entire golf game is presented and analyzed so you can actually use the information to improve your play—from overall changes to precise adjustments. GAME YOUR GAME.

Compare features include:

  • Big Picture
    See your games from all over the world, and see stats from all of your games. A birds-eye-view of your overall game is always at hand.
  • Highlights Focus on all aspects of a game—stats, club usage and performance for every shot. Then relive each hole with satellite mapping of your round.
  • Zero In Get even more granular with your game. View your scorecards, statistical graphs and charts that are automatically generated as you play and upload games.


PLAY, SEE, SHARE, COMPARE. Watch videos below for more information on this amazing new technology!

The NEXT GENERATION OF GAME GOLF product has arrived. GAME GOLF LIVE lets you capture your stats in real-time, while you play, on your iOS or Android phone. Get seamless, real-time automatic game tracking through Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy all of the features of GAME GOLF on the course or, leave your phone at the clubhouse and sync IMMEDIATELY post-round. The choice is yours. Take it TO YOUR REGULAR Saturday game OR USE IT IN the next club tournament. Either way, you’ll be knocking strokes off that scorecard in no time.



  • GAME GOLF LIVE tracking device
  • 18 NFC tags to attach to your clubs
  • USB Cable
  • Protective Pouch

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