Golf Doctor Mat

Golf Doctor Mat

Full Swing Aids


The Golf Doctor system is made up of 5 key parts to help you improve your golf game.
    1. Rubber Mat
      This mat is made out of a durable rubber that can withstand numerous strikes from golf clubs and keeps on going. It is also the housing for the rest of the key parts that make up the Golf Doctor System
    2. Contact Block 
      The contact block is there to let you know your point of contact on the ball. This plastic contact block makes a distinct sound when hit, so you know when an adjustment is needed.
    3. Two Sizes of Rubber Golf Tees 
      The Golf Doctor Mat comes with two different sized Tees (57mm and 20mm). The taller tee is for use with Drivers and the shorter tee is used for Irons and Wedges. These Tees are made of a durable rubber so you can practice as much as needed.
    4. Set of Contact Pegs
      This set of Contact Pegs are there to help you with your swing path. They help to evaluate the direction of your swing and help you obtain an inside to inside swing path. The Pegs are adjustable to better suit the type of club you are using.
    5. Alignment Poles
      Alignment Poles help provide you with the proper stance and promote the correct swinging motion. They also help you to have an accurate target line.



The Golf Doctor Mat has many other great features like:

  • Able to be used Outdoors or Indoors
  • Compact and Easy to use and transport
  • Can be used by Right Handed or
    Left Handed Golfers
  • Helps the golfer correct their slice
  • Learn proper swinging motion
  • Improve the Club to Ball Contact

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