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Introducing the new's the easiest way to mount and film your golf swing. Just stick the GPOD phone holder pole into the ground and stick your device to the magnet!

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What we love about the GPOD is its ultralight aluminum body and adjustable head. The magnetic mount has 360-degree adjustability to capture all different angles. This is the first product you can film your putting stroke overhead perspective view! We made this with 6 Rare-earth Neodymium magnets, giving you extra confidence your phone won't fall out. It's strong enough to even hold up your iPad (tablet). You can use it to film, view Trackman data, or stream your favorite sports games and/or tv shows.

*Magnetic head may differ from pictures but will perform as specified. 


  • Works with any smartphone and tablet up to 3.5 lbs.
  • Cradle-free design for one-handed use.
  • Ultra-light and strong aluminum alloy body.
  • 360-degree adjustable mount.
  • Compatible with all camera accessories with 1/4" thread.
  • Use your device in Portrait or Landscape mode by simply rotating your device.
  • Silicone cover protects your gear.
  • The magnets are 100% safe for your electronics.
  • Film/photograph unique angles and on different terrain in practice and on the golf course.
  • Extremely stable vs. flimsy alignment sticks, won't sway in the wind as much.
  • Fits into your golf bag just like a club, except it weighs only 7oz.


  1. Stick the GPOD into the ground.
  2. Stick the protective film then metal plate to the outside of your device/case or place it in between your device and its case (for maximum magnetic hold, place the metal plate to the outside of your device).
  3. Adjust the magnetic head to your preferred angle by twisting the knob. 
  4. Stick your device to the magnet.


(1) Aluminum Alloy Pod, (1) Adjustable Ball Head, (1) Magnetic Mount, (2) Metal Plates, (1) Protective Film

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