Greens Professor

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The Greens Professor is a putting alignment training aid used by professionals and tour players to perfect their alignment at address and impact.

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There's not a better way to check your true putter face alignment than with this digital green reader!

Using laser technology, the Greens Professor digital green reader provides immediate feedback if your putter face is open, closed, or square to the intended aim-line. A laser light shines out of the unit and reflects off a mirror that the user attaches to the toe of the putter. The alignment is indicated by a bright red dot that is visible in the alignment viewing window. One of the best features is it is easy to see if the putter face is open, square, or closed as you stroke through impact. It couldn't be easier!

Practicing regularly with the Greens Professor will develop the proper muscle memory to help you set up properly to the ball and sink more putts!

Teaches You Perfect Putting Alignment!

  • Provides instant feedback indicating if the blade is open, closed or square to the ball upon impact.
  • Master Your putting by increasing the confidence in your putting stroke.
  • Fine tune the muscle memory for putting.
  • Improved muscle memory and confidence allows you to focus more on reading breaks and the speed of the Green.
  • Use your own putter to get an accurate feel while practicing.
  • Use at home, in the office or outdoors.
  • Can be used with or without a ball.
  • Easy to use, only one button to press! 
  • Includes Jerry Foltz instructional DVD. 

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