Grip Wrap - by Gary Wiren

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 Grip Wrap


The hands are the only connection to the club. Not only is the grip important, so is maintaining proper grip pressure. The Grip Wrap locks the leading hand to the club and prevents the player from re-gripping at the top of the swing.

The Golf Grip Wrap can be used with any standard golf glove. It has hook fasteners on one side and loop on the other. To use this golf club handle wrap, open the Velcro tab on your golf glove and affix the Grip Wrap glove attachment. Press your golf glove tab back down and then wrap the Grip Wrap around your hand.

The Grip Wrap may be used on just the leading hand or the player may slide the trailing hand into the strap so both hands are secured. This is a little easier if you have someone wrap your hands for you but the end result will be your hands feeling like a single unit working together.

The Grip Wrap is a one-size-fits-all product and can be used right or left-handed. This golf glove training aid is great for anyone with arthritis or hand injury or just to feel a great connection to the club without choking the club.


"I have been using the Grip Wrap myself. I had a left hand injury and the Grip Wrap now helps me keep my hand firm on the club."

Jerry Cozby, PGA Golf Professional

1985 PGA Professional of the Year, 2005 PGA Hall of Fame 

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