Groove Putting Laser

Groove Putting Laser

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Getting Started:

  1. Loosen the Groove Shaft connector and push the connector onto the shaft near the putter head
  2. Slide the Groove Laser up the shaft to your desired position, then tighten the connector
  3. Adjust the Groove Laser to shine onto your target line, bisecting the putter head

Using your Groove Putting Laser:

Shine the laser onto the impact point of the putter, bisecting the head.
Select a straight line perpendicular to the putter head. This can be a line on the floor, a piece of tape, or the Putting Sword.
  1. Make swings, like a grandfather clock, keeping the laser dots on the line.
  2. Make strokes keeping the laser on the line.
  3. Hit putts rolling the ball down your line.
Hit putts with the ball on the ground and the laser shining outside the ball:
If you want to hit putts with the ball on the putting surface and not on the "line", simply set the ball just inside the line, and adjust the laser to shine onto the line. Make strokes hitting the ball and keeping the laser on the "line".

Shine the Laser down the line to see your path:
If you want to focus attention on your alignment and through stroke, adjust the laser so it shines more toward the target. The trailing few dots will be on the putter, and the leading dots will show the line.

If the laser is not staying on your line, watch these checkpoints:
If the laser line is rotating open and closed, then the putter head is opening and closing. Usually the hands are actively manipulating the putter. Keep them soft and quiet.

If the Laser line is moving off your line, it is usually your putter path. The putter face is quiet, but the path is too inside or outside the line. The Groove Laser is made to help with this. Make slow strokes while tracking the Laser on your line. Pay attention to the feel of this stroke. Repetition, repetition, repetition...