Hinge Helper

Hinge Helper

Full Swing Aids


As good instructors will tell you, if you don't hinge your wrists properly, you're in for a load of trouble. The Hinge Helper reinforces proper swing mechanics by promoting the correct wrist hinge found in on-plane swings and crisper ball striking. Comfortable and adjustable for all wrist sizes.


Proper ball striking is not all in the wrist, but a big part of it is. The Hinge Helper reinforces proper swing mechanics by providing immediate feedback that builds the muscle memory you need to automatically load your wrists correctly. The result: an automatic swing that helps you stay on-plane and get on in regulation.


The Hinge Helper is a scalloped wrist guide to prevent over-hinging and cupping. For right- and left-handed players, it’s designed to be comfortable, adjustable for wrists of all sizes, and work on drivers, fairway metals, irons and wedges.

  • Reinforces proper swing mechanics for more pure ball striking
  • Promotes the wrist hinging needed for on-plane swings
  • Includes scalloped guide to prevent over-hinging and cupping
  • Adjustable, comfortable and built for full swing or chips by right- and left-handed players