Hole-In-One Swing Impact Trainer (shorter shaft)

Hole-In-One Swing Impact Trainer (shorter shaft)

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Hole-in-One Features:

Use the Hole-in-One Swing Trainer to train to swing clubs from Sand Wedge to Driver with 2 clicks at desirable impact/rhythm/tempo & follow-through by adjusting Control Scale for optimum distance/accuracy.

Choose the Impact Swing Trainer in either standard or training grip.

  • Practice by selecting the desired distance and head speed.
  • Enables you to locate the correct impact point.
  • Increases your drive distance by 20 to 30 more yards with better accuracy GUARANTEED.
  • Teaches a balanced swing and follow-through.
  • Develops the muscle memory needed for a great swing.
  • Enables the correct swing rhythm and tempo.
  • Gives you the freedom to practice your swing indoors or outdoors.


Peter Croker, 2007 Teacher of the Year, PGA of Australia Victorian Section

“Swing Caddy and Hole in One are great training tools for swing timing, tempo and rhythm that will definitely increase accurate distance and lower scores!”

Martha McMahon Customer, Amateur Golfer

“I loved the “Hole in One” swing trainer and intend to acquire one.  If my remarks on video could have encouraged anyone to try it and get the same great immediate feedback that I did, I was happy to spread the word.  You've got a great product there. Now, I'll look forward to seeing and experimenting with the Swing Caddy.” 

Steven & Debbie Jecker Customers, Amateur Golfers

“Share this training tool “Hole in One” to help support other students, friends & family, personal heart felt authentic endorsements."

Ryan Chung Customer, Amateur Golfer

With Swing Caddy and Hole in One practice, ball flied “far and sure” for me to win the Longest Drive Award in the last Golf Tournament.”

Note: The Hole-in-One weighs 1 lb. 3 oz.  (540 grams)