Hole-In-One Swing Impact Trainer (shorter shaft)

Hole-In-One Swing Impact Trainer (shorter shaft)

Full Swing Aids


Hole-in-One Features:

Trains to swing clubs from Sand Wedge to Driver with 2 clicks at desirable impact/rhythm/tempo & follow-through by adjusting Control Scale for optimum distance/accuracy.

Choose standard or training grip.

  • Practice by selecting the desired distance and head speed.
  • Enables you to locate the correct impact point.
  • Increases your drive distance by 20 to 30 more yards with better accuracy GUARANTEED.
  • Teaches a balanced swing and follow-through.
  • Develops the muscle memory needed for a great swing.
  • Enables the correct swing rhythm and tempo.
  • Gives you the freedom to practice your swing indoors or outdoors.

Note: The Hole-in-One weighs 1 lb. 3 oz.  (540 grams)