Impact Bag with Impact Decals - Fan Pack

Impact Bag with Impact Decals - Fan Pack

Fan Pack


Note: The Impact Bag is shipped unfilled. You will need to fill it with towels, shirts or other cloth material. 

Every player attempts to get the club on line & square at impact. A breakdown of the left wrist and collapse of the leading arm at that moment are two of the most common problems faced by players of all skill levels. Impact Bag® is one of the most popular training aids of all time for the following reason - there is only one moment of truth in the golf swing - Impact! This device teaches the correct position and feel at that moment.

Unlike hitting a car tire or other hard object the Impact Bag® is safe and has been designed specifically for golfers. Developing a strong left side while turning into the ball will help eliminate many of the inconsistencies brought on by left wrist collapse & will help bring you into a solid, assertive impact. The Impact Bag® also comes with a special slice cure supplement, guaranteed to cure your slice in 60 seconds.

Using the Impact Bag® in conjunction with the Perfect Swing Path Board  (for swing path & setup) you will develop virtually all the elements of a consistent, repeating and powerful swing.


It is common knowledge that hitting the sweet spot consistently is important but greatly underappreciated how much this skill affects the outcome of the shot. When using a launch monitor most player's are surprised to find that the ball often goes a shorter distance when their swing speed increases. The reason for this is that the ball has not been struck in the center of the face. Hitting a ball an inch towards the toe can knock 20 yards or more off of your drive.

The same fact is true about putting. If you can't learn how to hit the center of percussion of the putter you can never be a truly great putter because you can't master distance control or direction.

The Red Dot Impact Decals are a pack of 50 labels (10 sheets of 5-labels) with a generic ellipsoid design. They may be used on any club and provide a record of approx. 10-20 shots before needing to be replaced. Learn one of the most important skills in golf and start hitting it longer and straighter right away!

"I would wear the grooves down to nothing and then go even farther, so there was a concave area the size of a dime on the sweet spot." Moe Norman