In-Shape Golf Putting Game - Fun for All Ages (In Shape)

In-Shape Golf Putting Game - Fun for All Ages (In Shape)

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In-Shape Golf Putting Game

The In-Shape Golf Putting Game is a set of colorful shapes that are used as putting targets. They are made from PET-G plastic which is very durable and resistant to fading. Each shape has a unique number (1 through 5) and entrance opening. Most of the pictures show the shapes in a semi-circle, but you can vary gameplay by adjusting the difference of each shape, for example placing one far away. Then, the "roll of the dice" comes into play! 

Games can be simple or deceptively difficult depending on how the shapes are positioned and the player's luck with the dice. For the little guys, you can have them roll the ball to a color or a shape. For older players, place the shapes in different locations on the green and see who can pre-visualize and plan their play (mental and course management) to hole out (in order 1 through 5) in the least number of strokes. Have them compete in teams against each other where one team lays the course out and the other team putts.  In-Shape Golf Putting Game is fun for little ones (3-9), medium ones (teens), and big ones (adults and seniors). The set and gameplay complement any instruction style while making learning fun!

What you will get:

  • Each game includes 5 Shapes, 2 golf balls, a set of custom-made wooden dice, and a scorecard in a mesh storage bag.
  • Shapes are not brittle plastic. They are durable PET-G plastic which has a soft feel and is extremely durable, both heat, cold, and fade resistant.
  • Play In Shape Golf at home with your kids; bring it to your next social outing for an impromptu game; challenge office colleagues with some friendly competition at work!
  • Have fun trying to improve your accuracy and distance control! 
  • Have a great time with family and friends!

Watch the short video below. Most of the current videos show the shapes in a semi-circle, but you can arrange them in many other ways. This is one of those products that makes practice fun!


"My teenage son and I had hours of fun playing while improving our putting skills. If anyone wants their kids away from video games, even for just a few hours, the In-Shape putting game is totally worth it."
Darrin E

"I gave it to my brother as a gift. He brought it to work and told me he and his coworkers use it all the time. He loves it!"
Jen M

"My father-in-law lives in a senior community. I'm glad we sent him this game. He plays with people from the care facility which is a bright spot in his day with everything that is going on now."
Susan J

"As a coach, I think this product has a lot to love. It is pretty compact which is important because I can't fit anything else in my trunk. The shapes are very visual and are also much more durable than I was expecting. I bought this product for my junior session but the gameplay is fun and my adults like playing it too. Thanks for making such a useful and fun product."
Martin K