Laser Putting Glasses by Perfect Practice Golf

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 Laser Putting Glasses by Perfect Practice Golf

Comes with USB charging cable. Easy to use, convenient to carry.
Here's what your new laser glasses will do:
1. Ensure the golfer's eyes are directly over the ball. Laser Putting Glasses give you instant feedback!

2. Teaches the golfer how to properly turn their head to look directly down their aim line.

3. Ensures the golfer's head stays completely still during the putting stroke.

4. After impact, teaches the golfer to follow the ball down the line to the hole (as most pros do!)

Lasers Glasses are the latest revolutionary training-aid from Perfect Practice Golf (makers of the Dustin Johnson Perfect Practice Putting Mat) They are designed with one goal - improve your putting!

Unlike anything else on the market these Laser Putting Glasses will redefine how you train. Become an assassin with your putter. Pair it with your Perfect Practice Putting mat and you'll become an even more deadly putter!


To use:

1. Put glasses on, adjust the laser to ensure your eyes are directly over the ball

2. Look down the line to the hole, learn to turn your head at the correct angle.

3. Make a stroke while not moving the laser off the ball, keeping your head perfectly still.

4. Follow the ball down the line to the hole.
The golf putter laser is super bright but if it starts getting dim, plug in the charging cable and you'll be back on your mat in minutes!



Jeffrey Fish

They work

Logan Marchischuk
Awesome Product

Chris Kertsos

PP Laser Putting Glasses
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