Laser Golf Visor

Laser Golf Visor

Putting Aids


The Laser Visor is a traditional-style golf visor, the tip of the bill incorporating a red laser that will, in the golfer’s proper address and stance, form a straight pinpoint line to the top of the ball. To be used in the practice of chipping and putting, The Laser Visor's laser will instantly indicate whether the golfer has moved his/her head in the course of the chip or putt — and since this is the most common mistake that golfers make on and around the green, The Laser Visor would be a training aid of exceptional utility for all golfers, from novices to scratch-players. The design intent is to assist the golfer in keeping his/her head still, and their eyes focused solely on the ball throughout the stroke.

The inventor of this training aid, himself a teaching golf professional, notes that up to 45 percent of the PGA tour game is putting; and that 40 percent of the amateur game, at all levels, is putting. He observes that with both putts and chips, the single most important thing the golfer must do is keep his/her head still, and their eyes focused solely on the ball throughout the stroke. He has found in his teaching career, however, that the student most prone to moving his or her head is often the one least likely to realize or acknowledge it. In a creative response to this frustrating situation, this inventor created a simple but profound training aid that will help any golfer, at any level, to achieve the stillness of head necessary for effective chipping and putting.

By practicing chips and putts with The Laser Visor, a player (or instructor) will have both a powerful diagnostic tool that instantly indicates motion of the head, and a powerful visual aid to help the learning player develop the stillness of head necessary for good chipping and putting.


Powered by a lithium battery, The Laser Visor is a traditional-styled golf visor — equipped with a red pointer laser light set in the middle of the tip of the visor’s bill, and is designed to project in a perfectly straight line from the visor to the top of the ball being addressed. The laser is turned on and off by a simple push-button switch incorporated into the underside of the visor’s bill. The design is very discrete and unobtrusive. Choose from 4 colors when ordering by choosing between black, white, tan or navy in the drop-down menu.