Launch Gate by Ted Sheftic (Wedge Gate)

Launch Gate by Ted Sheftic (Wedge Gate)

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Launch Gate Information

The original name for the product was Wedge Gate, but because it applies to other clubs, we are now calling it the Launch Gate System. The Launch Gate is a personal golf swing angle trainer designed to give you feedback on your launch angle. If you use it correctly, it will give you information about your impact (shaft lean and face angle) as well as how you launch the ball.

While it was designed for wedge play, it can also be used for other clubs (you just need to know the correct launch angle for you other clubs!).
Extensive research by Ted Sheftic and Dr. Rob Neal on pitching has revealed that the BEST players in the world when hitting standard distance and finesse wedges, launch the ball under 30 degrees. These launch wedge trainer conditions allow them to generate high spin and great stopping power. 


There are two basic ways to use the gate to get feedback:

  1. Hitting below (or above) the Noodle
  2. Hitting through a window; you can determine if you are launching correctly, too low or too high. This condition is more advanced then the first one.

To setup the gate for a 30 degree launch, you must go through the following steps

1. Determine the length of shot you are going to hit.

A. If it is less then 40 yards, use a gate of 4 feet. The launch should be between 30 to 34 degrees.

B. In the 40 to 50 Yard distance, use a gate height of 4 or 5 feet.

C. If the shot length is greater then 50 yards we suggest to use a gate height of 5 feet.

D. We believe hitting wedges under 3 feet is a great way to practice to launch it under 30 degrees.

2. Use the table below to determine the distance from the gate to where you must hit shots from

3. Hit shots under the noodle for launch angles under 30 degrees, and above for over 30 degrees of launch

Table 1: Distance from gate heights for a 30 degree launch

Gate Height  Distance from gate to impact point
3-feet  62 inches (~ 5-feet)
4-feet 84 inches (~ 7-feet)
5-feet 104 inches (~ 9-feet)


Think about how you will be able to teach your students to compress the ball and improve there IMPACT POSITION. Ted and Rob are very excited about their new Launch Gates System, and hopefully, you are too!

The videos below are of the original version. The 7-foot high version proved to be too cumbersome to move around with a cart and the extra height was unnecessary for the desired lower launch angles. See the pictures for reference for what the current (2020) version looks like.