LiveView Golf - Live View Pro - new model!

LiveView Golf - Live View Pro - new model!

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Live View Golf - Making Feel Real

The idea of practicing your golf swing in front of a mirror is probably almost as old as golf. The self-awareness that comes from seeing yourself and connecting the objective image with a kinetic feeling is invaluable in accelerating and re-enforcing the learning of a new skill.

The inventor worked for several years using traditional video-based instruction when it occurred to him that the learning process could be greatly accelerated by providing traditional video tools like swing planes in a live environment. Instead of showing students mistakes only after they had already been made, live swing tools would show mistakes as they were occurring and allow for instant correction. With a live swing tool environment, students could practice precisely, learn quickly, and avoid forming bad habits.




To set up your LiveView camera, mount the camera 12′-15′ behind you using either an alignment stick or the LivePod.


-If you haven’t installed the LiveViewGolf app yet, connect to App Store or Google Play to download the latest version of our app.
-Turn on the camera. The camera may take 10-15 seconds to wake up and begin broadcasting its hotspot.
-Using your phone or tablet find the “LiveView######” hotspot and connect to it. Your phone may ask you to confirm the connection because the hotspot does not have Internet access.
-Launch the LiveViewGolf App once the connection has been established.



When aligning the camera for downline swing plane video, make sure the camera is directly behind your hands pointing straight at the target.



Avoid fat or thin ball strikes by checking your body for excessive sway from side to side. Use LiveView in front facing mode to achieve optimum contact through impact, by maintaining a stationary post through your entire swing.