Medicus Dual-Hinge Irons

Medicus Dual-Hinge Irons

Full Swing Aids


The Original Medicus Golf Training Club, the Medicus Dual Hinge 2000 5 Iron!

Are you swinging on plane and in tempo? The Medicus 2000 Dual Hinge golf training iron provides you with instant feedback, so you're not forced to guess whether your swing is right or not.

The Medicus 7-iron and 5-iron trainers have sold more than two million units and are now better than ever! The new and improved Medicus Dual 2000 5 and 7-irons, along with the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver, allows you to perfect your game without great expense or inconvenience. It's like practicing under the watchful eye of a golf instructor.

The patented dual hinge on the Medicus 5-iron and 7-iron trainers were developed by Bob Koch, former PGA Tour Pro, to assist golfers of all ages and levels to master the basics of golf through consistent practice. The patented dual hinge lets you know when you're swinging off plane or out of tempo.

The Medicus Dual 2000 5 or 7-iron golf training club is the perfect gift for oneself, a friend, or a family member who loves golf! Correct your swing with the Medicus Dual Hinge Iron!