Michael Breed Focus Point by Big Moss

Michael Breed Focus Point by Big Moss

Putting Aids


Michael Breed Focus Point

The Michael Breed Focus Point is designed to train your mind to narrow focus down to a very small target. Regularly using this tunnel vision technique will make a regulation sized hole appear gigantic! The integrated surface lines aid pin point accuracy; aimed directly to the center of a 2 inch cup. Placing the ball just in front of the middle cross hair allows you to check for a square putter face and gives the golfer an intermediate target with a perfect path line to the hole. When used with the front & rear boundary lines, this position can also be used as a stroke constraint intended to help tempo.


 • Ultra High Quality 100% Nylon Surface
 • Surface integrated square putt lines
 • 2 inch accuracy hole
 • Simulated Tunnel Vision Technique
 • Compact design: 1 ft W x 5 ½ ft L
 • Uphill Grade promotes a firm & confident stroke
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 8 in